7 Natural Remedies to cure canker sores

Canker sores (fires on the lips) are a painful problem that often affects individuals of different age groups. Usually they occur on the lips and in the mucosa of the cheek, but it can also affect the tongue.

The causes are often associated with periods of decreased immune system, vitamin deficiencies, intestinal imbalances, hormonal factors or even as a result of trauma or dental procedures.

Again, if you want to avoid drugs and chemicals, you can heal yourself by using some natural remedies.

Aloe vera

<img src="aloe-vera.jpg" alt="gel de aloe vera para las llagas en la boca">

The sores usually last between 10 to 15 days to disappear naturally, but can help with natural remedies to accelerate the healing and repair process. The properties of aloe vera, help counteract the pain caused by these small ulcers and protects the wall of the cheeks. The gel is inside its leaves should be applied directly on the lesion, it is also effective in burns and acne.


<img src="jegibre.jpg" alt="jengibre para eliminar las ulceras bucales">
ginger to eliminate mouth ulcers
With this root juice can accelerate the disappearance reducing the length of the ulcer, thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, accelerating the process only in 3-4 days.

dairy products

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It is useful in this regard the consumption of lactic ferments, which regulate intestinal balance and helps counteract any decrease the immune system.

Vitamin C

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Also important is the intake of vitamin C, which is widely found in oranges and even greater amounts in grapes, raisins, peppers, broccoli, spinach and rúcala. To soothe the burning can be used propolis, which are also rich in this valuable vitamin.


src="sal.jpg" alt=" sal para curar fuego labial o llagas en la boca">

To further reduce the length of the lesion, apply a little salt on the injured party and hold it down for a couple of minutes, hold carefully, you can expeimentar burning, yet it is momentary because the salt has powerful antibacterial properties it that will bring lasting relief then.


<img src="ajo.jpg" alt="ajo potente bacterisida para curar la ulceras labiales">

Another possibility is to rub a clove of fresh garlic for a few seconds, using the antiviral properties.

Tea tree oil

<img src="aceite-de-arbool-de-te.jpg" alt="aceite de arbol de te para las llagas en la boca">
Finally, but no less effective as a natural remedy is the use of tea tree oil can be applied directly, using cotton or cotton swab to increase accuracy in your application.

Other home remedies available are: herbal tea that is used to make, gargle, rhubarb and sage, the latter available in drops, mallow infusion and gargle.

Finally, we invite you to pay special attention to some of the suggested remedies, including licorice, which can cause unpleasant side effects in people with hypertension. If in doubt, you should put

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